Mood Disorders


Anxiety and Depression

One of my heroes, Abraham Lincoln, suffered from depression.

One of my heroes, Abraham Lincoln, suffered from depression.

These are common mood disorders that can be very debilitating. Genetics, brain chemistry, life experiences, and our thinking patterns can all play a role in mood disorders. Counselling can help you to identify and challenge the automatic negative thoughts that affect your emotions and behaviors, leading to more anxiety and/or depression. It may feel like you will never conquer this cycle, but there are several tools that can help you develop more balanced and positive thoughts, and be more in control of your moods.

I use a combination of cognitive behavioral therapy, relaxation and mindfulness techniques, and self-esteem building exercises to address anxiety and depression, keeping in mind that each person I see is an individual with his/her own needs.

“Fear is a darkroom where negatives develop.”Usman B. Asif


Anger can result from constantly struggling with negative emotions like fear, frustration, sadness, guilt, disappointment, hurt, helplessness, etc. Anger can also result from being treated unfairly or with disrespect, or having our boundaries violated in some way. While there is nothing wrong with feeling angry, we sometimes express our anger in ways that get us into trouble or that we regret later. Learning how to manage our anger and express ourselves in healthy ways can improve our self–‐esteem and our relationships.

“Where there is anger, there is always pain underneath.”Eckhart Tolle