“You don’t have to see the whole staircase, you just have to take the first step …”
– Martin Luther King, Jr.

Sandy Amodio, Certified Counsellor

Qualifications: Bachelor of Social Work (University of Western Ontario), Bachelor of Education (U.W.O), Master Of Theological Studies in Counselling (Wilfrid Laurier University).

Registered with the Ontario College of Social Workers and Social Service Workers, and listed on Psychology Today.

Experienced in: Individual and family counselling, group facilitator.


Counselling can help with:
Anger management/assertiveness skills
Anxiety (including panic disorder, social phobia, OCD)
Childhood abuse/family issues
Loss and grief
Low self-esteem
Pain and health challenges
Relationship problems

climbingCounselling is a journey, and not an easy one. You may encounter steep hills, deep valleys, overgrown forests, and sudden storms. You may sometimes feel lost, overwhelmed and afraid. Counselling requires the courage to take a small step forward by seeking support.

A counsellor can help you develop new insights, identify unhelpful thinking habits and patterns from the past, learn healthier coping strategies, improve communication skills, and so on. He/she can provide you with emotional support, useful feedback, and a more balanced perspective when you are going through difficult times. Counselling can help you to focus on your strengths rather than weaknesses, and set manageable goals for the future.